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December 19, 1889

The front page of this last issue of the Watauga Democrat in the year 1889 included a lengthy letter to the newspaper which began, “Editor DEMOCRAT: I find Watauga county in a prosperous and thriving condition, notwithstanding hard times, but the mail facilities are in a worse condition than any place I have ever been. Since I have been here I have not been able to get mail through from Bakersville, a distance of 50 miles, in under 10 days.” Continued the complainant, “there is a through mail from Boone to Plum Tree 3 times a week, I have received my mail from there in 6 days; I have been here 3 weeks on business connected with my office and have not yet been able to get mail through to Greensboro, N.C. and return. There is neglect and violation of the Postal service somewhere among P.M.’s (postmasters). I think it would be well for a U.S.P.O (United States Post Office) Detective to look up matters in general as the public cannot endure such treatment any longer.” The open letter was signed, “W.H. Greer, U.S. Deputy Marshall.”

“We have a private letter,” began a short local news item in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat, “from Bristol, Tenn., stating that the Atlantic & Ohio R.R. (Railroad) Co., will soon survey a line for R.R., from Bristol up the Watauga River through Ashe, or Wataug[a] county, to Wilkesboro. Both lines will be surveyed and the most practicab[l]e one will be adopted.”

“A few days since,” began another notice, “Boone was visited by quite a number of young people on horseback, and [they] repaired to the residence of Rev. I.W. Thomas where Mr. Stephen Holsclaw and Miss Maggie Bryan were united in marriage,.” Immediately after the ceremony was ended,” concluded the article, “they mounted their horses and went on their way rejoicing.”

December 28, 1944

“TIGHTER REIGN ON RATIONING DRAWN BY OPA” was a prominent headline in this final newspaper edition for 1944. “A tightening of belts for millions of Americans was decreed Monday by OPA (Office of Price Administration) officials when instructions were received here invalidating five sugar stamps, returning point values to a number of canned vegetables, cancellation of a number of red and blue stamps and the boosting of point values on butter to 24 points.”

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