August 29


Frank A. Linney, Attorney, of Boone. Frank A. Linney is the grandfather of Armfield Coffey, Frank Coffey and Linney Brewer. He was at one time U.S. District Attorney, but died before being named Federal Judge. Image courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone Society, Watauga County Public Library, and

 August 25, 1910
“Those Pies of Boyhood,” a heading to an item in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat, introduced an advertisement masquerading as a news article. “How delicious were the pies of boyhood,” began the ad with a question. “No pies now ever taste so good. What’s changed? The pies? No. It’s you. You’ve lost the strong, healthy stomach, the vigorous liver, the active kidneys, the regular bowels of boyhood. Your digestion is poor and you blame the food. What’s needed? A complete toning up by Electric Bitters of all organs of digestion – Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, bowels – try them. They’ll restore your boyhood appetite and appreciation of food and fairly saturate your body with new health, strength, and vigor. 50c at all druggists.” A large bottle of the product from this time period was labeled “Electric Brand Laxative, Formerly called Electric Brand Bitters. A Family laxative … contains Senna, Rhubarb, Cascara, Sagrada, Hops, Aloes, Wahoo, Dandelion, Gentian, Uva Ursi, Tansey, Chamomile and Quassia, Combined with Aromatics…[and] 18% Alcohol.”
“Evangelistic Work,” a local news item this week, read, “Rev. K.L. Hagan, a student of the University of Chattanooga, is at present engaged in Evangelistic work in the counties of Ashe, Watauga, and Caldwell.” According to the article, “[o]n Aug. 10 he commenced a meeting at Brown’s Chapel, M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church near Rutherwood, N.C., which lasted for 10 days, resulted in 14 conversions and 12 accessions to the church. That was the first real revival there for ten years. Old-time enemies were found making friends and one young man, W.H. Johnson, felt a call to the ministry during the meeting.”

 August 30, 1945
“JAP [sic; Japanese] SURRENDER SIGNING SUNDAY,” a banner headline in this week’s newspaper, carried a subheading announcing, “Mighty Battlewagon Missouri Enters Tokyo Harbor; to Be Scene of Formal Surrender.” Reported the news article, bearing a dateline of “Manila, Aug. 29)”, “General MacArthur flew north today on his way to make a triumphal entry into Japan Thursday. As a plane carried him to Okinawa, the mighty battleship Missouri entered Tokyo Bay, where next Sunday Japan’s surrender will be signed aboard her. Admiral Halsey rode the 45,000-ton dreadnaught into the bay while sea and airborne forces were poised for large scale occupational landings. The unfolding of MacArthur’s master plan for the powerful occupation pointed toward the historic surrender signing Sept. 2 aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay.” The surrender marked the final end of the hostilities of World War II, and came within weeks of the use of atomic bombs in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
On the home front, “Clyde R. Greene, local hardware merchant, and for 19 years a leader in the affairs of the Junior Order in this community, was unanimously elected state councilor of the organization at the convention held in High Point last week.” According to the Democrat, “Mr. W.H. Gragg of Boone, member of the board of trustees of the Junior Order Home, placed the name of Mr. Greene in nomination, and paid glowing tribute to his worth as a Junior and as a citizen. No opposition to his candidacy developed.”

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