August 10


“Scene from Horn in the West, Kermit Hunter’s Great Outdoor Drama, Boone, N.C.,” circa 1965. Image courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone Society, Watauga County Public Library, and

August 13, 1908

“Cruelty to Animals” a headline in this  week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat introduced an article which opened, “The following is copied from the Charleston, S C. Lantern, and should be read and considered by many of our people: ‘We have seen protests in some of our exchanges against the custom of leaving horses standing in hitching lots for hours in the broiling sun. This is a cruel practice and should be prohibited by law, if the owners are too heartless to correct it themselves. It is only fair to say that there are times when it is almost unavoidable, but the merciful man will not make it a practice.” Continued the posting, “There is another evil, however, that is even worse, and that is leaving horses standing with the diabolical overcheck hooked up.” An overcheck is a type of horse tack connected to the bit in the horse’s mouth and attached near the back which is meant to keep the animal from lowering its head. Continued the article, “We trust that an appeal will not be in vain to our readers that they will use their influence to have every one in charge of a horse loose the check when the animal stops, if only for a few minutes, and even while driving let down the beast’s head, as some of the liverymen do as soon as they get out of town or out of sight of those in whose presence he wishes to show off. Better still, cut the abomination off the bridle altogether. The horse will look just as well, many of them look better, he will last much longer and his master will fare better in the sweet bye and bye.”

August 10, 1922

A feature on the front page of this week’s newpaper bore the bold heading, “TEN REASONS FOR SUPPORTING YOUR COUNTY PAPER.”The list of reasons was as follows: “1. Because when you were born it was the home paper that introduced you to the world. 2. When you grew up and graduated at the head of your class the home paper again gave you a nice write up about it. 3. When later you found your life companion and were happily married the home paper gave you and your bride a half column free complimentary account of the affair. 4. When sickness and misfortune invaded your home the sad news was distributed among your friends and relatives thru the medium of the home paper. 5. When you have been so successful in life and had been promoted to some important position perhaps, it was the home paper that heralded your ability. 6. If you sold out and removed to some other location the home paper followed and brought the news from friends and neighbors. 7. When some unscrupulous person tried to injure your character, it was the home paper that came to your aid. 8. Because the home paper boosts your town and its institutions, its people, its schools and churches and helps to promote good fellowship throughout the community. 9. Because the live merchants advertise their most attractive goods and best or lowest bargains in the home paper, which if bought, may save you many dollars. 10. And last, when you are finally laid away to rest in your silent grave, the home paper donates much space in giving your relatives and friends a complete history of your past life, extolling your excellent qualities and passing over many human frailties.”


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