August 3


“Night-time scene of Daniel Boone Hotel,” a postcard showing a former Downtown Boone landmark, constructed in 1925. Image courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone Society, Watauga County Public Library, and










August 6, 1896

“Are You One,” began a heading for an item of advertising in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat, continuing: “… Of those unhappy people who are suffering from weak nerves, startling at every slight sound, unable to endure any unusual disturbance, finding it impossible to sleep?” Advised the ad, “[a]void opiate and nerve compounds. Feed the nerves upon blood made pure and nourished by the great blood purifier and true nerve tonic, Hood’s Sarsaparilla.”

“Our mountain resorts are now thronged with people,” offered a news posting. “Blowing Rock has its usual large crowd, and Linville also, and quite a large quota have left their sultry city homes, and sought shelter under the famous Hanging Rock, in the beautiful valley of Banner Elk.”
Related weather reporting noted, “the heat is now extreme, in the eastern and southern states”; and, “[t]he weather is now beautiful, but very warm. Just the time of year to make one good-humored and happy.”

“For a long time there has been a blockade still running in Ashe county that it seemed impossible for the officers to capture,” according to another news article. “But on Thursday of last week Deputy Collector J.C. Horton and Deputy Marshall N.N. Colvard located it on Horse Creek and now only scraps of copper are left t remind one of its former glory.” A “blockade” was a term for a moonshine still, having its origin in the reference to one making illegal alcohol as a “blockader.”

August 1, 1912

“FOR SALE & RENT,” a bold heading to an advertisement, introduced an announcement which read, “I have for sale a stock of goods, consisting of groceries, books, stationary, white goods[,] underwear, notions, novelties, jewelry, & etc., including fixtures, which I will sell at a BARGAIN. I have a good trade and location, situated nearly opposite the court house. Cash one-third down, reasonable terms on balance. Will rent the store building at a reasonable price.” The advertisement continued, “I also have for rent my 12 room Hotel property and lot situated on the same lot as the store. Will rent house furnished or unfurnished for a year with the privilege of longer time. Also have a good stable, well house and fine garden, I have a splendid run of custom. It is a good money maker for the right man. The town has an altitude of 2500 feet, four churches, a good city and co. high school and an intelligent and sociable people. Would like to let Hotel and store to the same person as they go together nicely. Will dispose of them separately if I don’t find a suitable person for both.” The notice ended, “[f]or full particulars write or call on me, Respectfully, M.W. Jackson, Mountain City, Tenn., July 17, 1912.”

1912 advertisement

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