June 29


“Main Street Looking West, Boone, N.C.”: an image of Downtown Boone from an antiques post card, circa 1920s (?). The “Commercial Hotel” is visible in the foreground. Image courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone Society, Watauga County Public Library, and DigitalNC.org.

June 29, 1893

“The President has been suffering from an attack of rheumatism for several days,” reported the “Washington Letter” on the front page of this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat, “which, taken in connection with the knowledge that he has been dieting himself for some time to reduce his flesh, which, notwithstanding the enormous quality of the hardest sort of work he constantly does, has been increasing, was made the foundation for numerous sensational rumors considering his health.” The tongue-in-cheek report on the Republican President’s status from the partisan political newspaper continued, “[y]our correspondent is assured by those who know that Mr. Cleveland’s general health, barring the rheumatism, is excellent. He expects in company with Mrs. Cleveland and Baby Ruth, to leave Washington tomorrow or next day for his Buzzard Bay cottage, where Mrs. C. and Ruth will spend the summer.” The report continued, “Mr. Cleveland will return to Washington within a week or ten days, possibly sooner, and will remain, making occasional visits to Buzzard’s Bay until the last of July when he expects to make at least a month’s stay.” Opined the author of the column (credited as “our Regular Correspondent”), “the fact that he expects to spend the month of August away from Washington effectually disposed of the rumored earlier calling of Congress, a rumor that probably had its only origin in the wishes of those who have been here clamoring for an immediate extra session.”

June 29, 1933

“600,00 Bushels Estimate Local Yield Potatoes,” proclaimed a bold headline in this week’s newspaper. “Despite late fronts and continued dry weather in some sections of the county, prospects for a bumper crop of potatoes, cabbage and the like, continue bright in this section, according to farmers,who predict that at market time prices for their products will be at a decidedly higher level.” The story relayed that, “the season has been extremely dry in some sections of the county, but no material damage is thought to have resulted on that score. The late frosts, however, did do considerable damage on river bottom plantations.”

“Mrs. Doughton Felicitated by Mr. Roosevelt,” a front-page entry of local news, reported, “Mrs. Rebecca Doughton, mother of Congressman Robert I. and Hon. R.A. Doughton, was felicitated recently by President Roosevelt upon having attained her ninety-fifth birthday.” The article included the text of the presidential message, which was reported to have been “one of hundreds received from prominent individuals.” Roosevelt’s message was, “‘Dear Mrs. Doughton: Your boy Bob tells me that you will be ninety-five years old in June and I want to send you this line to wish you many happy returns of the day and also to tell you that I am leaning very heavily on your son and that he is doing splendid work for his country.'” The missive closed, “Very sincerely yours, (Signed) Franklin D. Roosevelt.”





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