The Week of February 3rd, 2015


“Cloudburst, 1880s;” a sparsely-captioned early photograph of Downtown Boone after, apparently, a great storm. Research by Gary R. Boye suggests that the building in the background may be the second Courthouse built in Watauga County (see to learn more). Courtesy the Historic Boone society, Watauga County Public Library, and

February 6, 1896

This week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat included a news item noting that it had been “a few days since the little son of John T. Winkler accidentally inflicted a painful wound on the hand of his little brother with an axe.” Fortunately, continued the report, “the little fellow is getting on nicely, and bids fair to be rid of his wound in a few days.”

In other news, “Dr. Parlier informs us that the measles is abating, that there are no new cases on New River or surrounding sections.”

A Letter to the Editor published under the heading “A Correction,” signed by H.A. Davis, stated, “In your last issue where you state that McGuire and Phillips were turkey hunting when McGuire shot Phillips, is an error. Young McGuire claims to have been so engaged, but the Phillips boy was merely strolling around the plantation, a few hundred yards from his father’s house and had sat down upon a small log eating an apple, apparently, when shot, as claimed by mistake. These are facts taken from a statement by one of the jury of inquest.” Continued the writer, “[i]t is certainly heart-rending enough to parents to have their child thus shot down, without it being falsely announced to the world that he was desecrating the Sabbath at the time of his death.” The newspaper followed this open letter with a response: “[t]he facts were published as we received them and there was no intention on the part of the informant or the DEMOCRAT to do the unfortunate boy an injustice.”

February 4, 1943
“Minimum of 53 Men from Watauga in Feb. Draft Quota” was a banner headline on the front page of this week’s newspaper. The headline bore a sub-heading, “Numbers May Be Increased Later, Pending Further Volunteering of Registrants; The List of Those Who Will Definitely Go to Induction Center.” The news item detailed that “at least 53 men, whose names are given below, will be sent to an army induction center in the month of February, according to advices from the local selective services board.” The final total of Watauga County men was “rather indefinite,” the article told, “since men volunteering in the last few days will be added to the list later.” Among the lengthy list of draftees were Coy Hartley, Kenneth Clyde Watson, Wilmer David Moretz, Eddie Don Wellborn, Stewart Henry Simmons, Joseph Delbert Triplett, Don Clay Cook, and Paul Dixon Hagaman.

In other news of the week, “Rationing dates for Canned Goods Are Set by O.P.A. In Order of Tuesday.” The story, with a dateline of  “Washington, Feb. 2” told citizens that, “[p]ublic sale of canned fruits and vegetables will stop throughout the nation at midnight February 10th, and will resume n a tightly-rationed basis on March 1.” According to the newspaper’s report, “these official dates for starting the dramatic innovation in grocery shopping were announced tonight by the office of price administration [“O.P.A.”]. The order also applies to all frozen fruits and vegetables, dried fruits (but not dried vegetables), canned soups and canned baby foods.”

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