The Week of October 5th


“Boone Junior Women’s Club, 1957.” Courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone society / Watauga County Public Library.

October 3, 1907

“Monday afternoon on his way to Lenoir with a load of cabbage from Watauga county, Mr. C.C. Waters had a very unpleasant experience getting across Blair’s Creek at a half a mile north of town,” reported a front-page item in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat, which was cited as having originally appeared in the Lenoir Topic newspaper. “When he reached the creek it was getting dark and when he drove in (he) misjudged his distance and got below the usual fording place. His wagon mired up to the hubs in the mud and sand. He was compelled to unhitch his mules and with great difficulty succeeded in getting them ashored, leaving the wagon over night in the bed of the creek.” “Tuesday morning,” continued the report, “a man by the name of Church, also from Watauga, took his team and helped Mr. Watson’s (sic – the subject of the article’s name seems to have been misprinted at least once in this article) wagon on after a hard tussle with the quicksand and stiff sand.”

October 5, 1939

“Governor Speaks at Cove Creek School,” a headline this week, introduced an article relating that, “some two thousand Wataugans gathered at the Cove Creek high school Friday for an address by Governor Clyde R. Hoey in connection with the ninth annual Watauga county agricultural fair, and heard the executive declare himself as opposed to the present neutrality law, and advocate its appeal.” As the shadow of war was expanding over Europe and Asia, North Carolina’s Governor declared at Cove Creek, “I would rather sell England and France arms which they now need badly rather than to send our youth over there to fight.”

October 3, 1963

“Citizens Will Be Asked To Invest In $650,000 Plant,” a headline in this week’s edition, reported that, “over 50 citizens of Boone and Watauga County attended a dinner meeting of the Watauga Industries Committee at the Daniel Boone Inn Friday.” According to the news item, “Clyde Greene presided over the business section of the meeting and asked guests to introduce themselves. He said that the Watauga Citizens, Inc, is sponsoring the construction of the new Blue Ridge Shoe Company building in Boone and that the new facilities will be ready for use about the middle of October.” Another local leader, Stanley Harris, was quoted as having reported that, “in the next several months a letter will be mailed to over 1,000 people in the county inviting them to invest in the new building which was constructed at the cost of $650,000.” $400,000 of the total cost was provided by bonds financed or bought from the Northwestern Bank of Boone, with the remaining quarter-of-a-million dollars coming directly from “bonds sold to local citizens.” Melville Shoe Company, the parent company of the new Blue Ridge Shoe Company, was reported to have held over 49 million dollars in assets, and was said to be guaranteeing the bonds. “Approximately 40 dozen pairs of shoes” were already being manufactured in temporary quarters at the time of this article. Watauga Savings and Loan representative James Marsh was cited as saying that, “the new industry will do much for the county, and is a step forward,” which would “open a door for other new industry to come into the county.”

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