The Week of Sunday, June 9th, 2013.

Turn of the Century Outing

“Turn of the Century Outing,” reads the caption to the photograph from the early 1900s.

Courtesy Historic Boone

June 13, 1912

“Government and Good Roads,” the heading of a feature article in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat, noted that, “(t)he United States Government spends annually $93,000,000 for the maintenance of a standing army. It spends $125,000,000 annually for the maintenance of its naval establishment. It spends more than $155,000,000 annually for payment of pensions.” The item continued with an extensive list of further Federal Government expenditures, including  “$9,000,000 upon the American Indians.” The conclusion of this feature was the statement , “(b)ut the United States Government spends nothing annually for the construction or improvement of public highways.”

A brief news notice drawn from another newspaper reported that, “(t)he Landmark says that last Thursday was the worst of the season, in the way of lightning. The Landmark(’)s correspondents reports (sic) of the damage by lightning being great.” The Landmark was a newspaper located in the city of Statesville, approximately 100 miles from Boone.

June 10, 1943

“Ministers Call City To Prayer,” announced a headline in this week’s newspaper. “Churches to Be Open Each Day At Noon For Those Who Wish To Offer Prayers,” according to a bold-type subheading to the feature. “At a recent called session, the ministers of Boone met, and it was decided that all churches would be open each day at noon for those who wish to drop in and pray,” detailed the Democrat’s report. The “Mayor of Boone has agreed to sound the fire siren each day at high noon to call the people to prayer,” according to further details in the piece. Plans were that “(t)his program will begin Monday June 14 and continue for the summer and possibly for the duration of the war.”

June 1, 1970

“Governor Scott Acts to Improve Disputed Road,” announced a headline this week. “Members of Holy Communion Lutheran Church will get a disputed section of the road from Foscoe upgraded this year through a direct allocation of $35,000 from Governor Scott, from the ‘unappropriated surplus fund,’” reported the Watauga Democrat article. According to the local newspaper, North Carolina’s chief executive said that “the funds would not be sufficient for paving the 1.4 mile road , but ‘should be adequate for the replacing of existing drainage pipes, providing additional drainage, some minor shaping and the placing of adequate slope facing material.’” The article speculated that this minimal maintenance of Clark’s Creek Road was “about all Rev.  Larry D. Campbell, pastor of the church to which the road provides the quickest access, has been asking for several years.” Holy Communion’s parishioners were described as “very happy at this turn in events,” although the pastor was away on vacation when the news was issued from the State Capitol. Announcement by the Governor was made through the denominational magazine the North Carolina Lutheran, which at the time was edited by a former pastor of the Holy Communion parish and two other mountain Lutheran churches.

Materials for this column are drawn from the microfilm archives of the Watauga Democrat newspaper, available at the Watauga County Public Library in Boone.


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