The Week of Sunday, May 12th, 2013.

Newland Hall ASTC postcard

“Newland Hall, Appalachian Training School, Boone, N.C.”, shows the beginnings of the institution which would become Appalachian State University. Postcard of unknown date, building from the first decade of the 1900s. Courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone society.

May 10, 1906

“A feature of our iron and steel trade during recent weeks has been the reappearance of the United States as a buyer, on a scale sufficiently large to be noticeable,” according to an article appearing on the front page of this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat newspaper. According to the article, “(t)hese orders are the outcome of the extraordinary activity of the American trade, says Engineering, the demand being so great that the country’s own mills are unequal to it.”

In local news, “(t)he summer term of the Training School will begin in June, but the exact date has not been fixed,” according to reports from the institution which would become Appalachian State University.

“The Lees-McRae institute at Banner Elk had a most auspicious opening on the first – in fact, the best in the history of the school,” according to another item of higher education reporting. “The music class alone is composed of more than 30 pupils.”

“On last Saturday a son of friend George Greene, of Stony Fork, had the misfortune to get one of his hands caught in the machinery of a pin factory and literally torn to pieces,” according to a less cheerful report this week. “Dr. Blackburn was called at once, who amputated the hand near the wrist joint,” according to this graphic story.

May 10, 1928

“Land owners of Happy Valley, Caldwell county are working together to incorporate the Happy Valley district, beginning about the highway and extending to Beach Ford, into a protective game preserve. Last week 59 pairs of Mexican quail, costing $250, were turned loose,” according to a front-page article in this week’s newspaper. “Orders for more of these quail have been placed,” continued the news item, which also included notice that, “(a)pplication for fish for stocking both the river and Buffalo creek have been filed with the bureau of inland fisheries of the North Carolina department of conservation and development.”

“Jailed on Forgery County,” announced a headline in the same issue. “Clarence Cannon of the Beach Creek section of the county is in the Watauga jail in default of $2,000 bond, the arrest having been made at the home of the defendant yesterday morning by Deputy Sheriff H.A. Hagaman,” according to the report. Told the Watauga Democrat on this day, “Cannon was to have appeared at the last term of superior court, in answer (of) a charge of check raising (?), being an accomplice in the crime of Dewey Harmon, now serving a term in the state prison for the robbery of the Valle Crucis bank. He ‘skipped’ the bond of $1,000 and officials had heretofore failed in their efforts to catch him.”

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