The Week of Sunday, April 14th, 2013.

Historic Boone 1.1.1a Filmore Bingham House1860

Filmore Bingham House, built in 1860. This Cove Creek-area house was built for a local doctor.

Courtesy Historic Boone

April 13, 1913

“Look At Your Plumbing,” encouraged an item of advertising in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat. Continued the ad, “(y)ou know happens in a house in which the plumbing is in poor condition – everybody in the house is liable to contract typhoid or some other fever. The digestive organs perform the same functions in the human body as the plumbing does for the house, and they should be kept in first class condition all the time. If you have any trouble with your digestion take Chamberlain’s Tablets and you are certain to get quick relief. For sale by all dealers.”

In North Carolina news of the day, the paper reported that “(t)he airship on which Mr. Lon Sherrill, of Newton, has been working for two years, will be ready for its first flight in the near future. His model is perhaps crude, but he believes his ideals are all right.”

April 10, 1941

“Eleven Men are Called to Colors,” a bold headline in this issue, headed an article which relayed that, “(e)leven more Watauga county men will leave next Saturday morning for Fort Jackson, S.C., to enter military service under the selective draft act. They are required to report at the office of the local selective service board at 8:15 Saturday morning.”

“Bookmobile Again to Make County Tour” announced that, “(t)he bookmobile travelling library conducted jointly by the State Library Commission and the W.P.A. (Works Progress Administration) will return to this county on May 6, according to Miss Jewel Hagaman, county librarian. The bookmobile carries 1600 volumes into various neighborhoods of the county and the people are invited to take advantage of this travelling library service, which is given absolutely without cost.”

“Greeks Retreat Before German Blitz” reported from the international scene that, “Greek and British forces are falling back hastily under a smashing German drive down the Vardar valley to within about 23 miles of strategic Salonika after collapse of Greek resistance on the Yugoslav left flank, it was stated today.”  The story reported further that, although “shock troops battled savagely to stem the furious assault of Nazi ‘panzer’ forces around Kilkis,” nonetheless “the Greek army of Macedonia was said to be frantically collecting its war materials and supplies for abandonment of all Greece.”

April 12, 1961

“’Country Store’ To Occupy Restored Cabin On Horn In West Property,” was a banner headline in this week’s Watauga Democrat. “A ‘country store’ or trading post is being built near the Horn in the West parking lot. Logs from the old Hayes cabin, near Bamboo, are being used in the construction.” Continued the article, “(t)his is the third log structure that has been reconstructed on the Southern Appalachian Historical Association property. The first was the Tatum cabin that now houses many relics and records handed down in the Tatum clan, pioneer family in this area.” The second cabin referred to was “of the type that Daniel Boone was believed to have used on his trips to the area while hunting,” With the installation of the third cabin, it was “hoped that interest will be revived in quilting parties, and the like.”

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