The Week of Sunday, November 25th, 2012.

“Austin E. South, Mae Belle Casey South: Honeymoon from wedding in Atlanta, July 1916,” reads the caption to this image of a young Boone couple starting a life together. Photo courtesy of Historic Boone

November 28, 1912

A notice in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat signed by a “Dr. C.W. Flenor, Emmett, Tenn.,” began: “WANTED. A good, reliable man with a family of boys who will lease and clean up to 30 acres of corn land and tend it every year until two hundred acres are ready for grass.” Continued the details of the advertisement, “I also have three hundred acres more of this land that I will sell. I will sell it out in either large or small boundaries to suit the purchaser. I also want a good man with small family to feed and tend to my stock and work on farm. A good place for the righ(t) man.” The community of Emmett listed in the solicitation is located outside of Bristol, Tennessee, some 50 miles from Watauga County. An item reproduced from the Wilkes Patriot newspaper reported that a “most distressing and unusual condition prevails at the home of Mr. J.C. Johnson, whose home is near Hunting Creek postoffice (sic), where he and Mrs. Johnson and their five children, who compose the entire family, are confined to their beds, each suffering from typhoid fever. About four weeks ago Treley Johnson, an 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, died of fever and within a short time after his death all of the family contracted the disease.” Outbreaks of typhoid fever we not uncommon in the United States during this period, inventor Wilbur Wright having succumbed to the disease in May of the same year.

November 25, 1954

“Christmas Lights To Be Turned On Next Saturday,” announced a headline in this week’s front page. “The switch will be thrown Saturday, November 27, ‘to light up Boone for the Christmas holidays,’ said Russell D. Hodges, chairman of the Merchants Association committee on lights and decorations.” According to reports, “(t)he most lavish display of varicolored Christmas lights seen here in recent years is now in the process of being installed throughout the length and breadth of the main business portion of King Street. Evergreens and other decorations to enhance the beauty of the lights will be put up as fast as the weather permits.” A new addition to this year’s “Yuletide decorations” was to be “a huge, gaily lighted Christmas tree to be erected in the center of town in front of Todd & Higgins Esso station at the earliest possible time, it is announced.”

November 29, 1973

“Resort Operators Are Optimistic On Skiing,” a banner headline splashed across the opening page of this week’s Watauga Democrat, was a subtitle of a headline reporting the more ominous news, “Fuel Shortage Hits Area.” The accompanying story addressed the potential crisis in energy for heating ahead of the good news a hard winter might bring to area ski slopes, noting that, “(a)s the nation begins to feel the effects of the energy crisis, Watauga is not going untouched.” The report related that, “School officials have begun to talk earnestly about summer classes and resorts are planning special promotions aimed at groups and people within a 200-mile radius.” Local industries were also affected, with both the IRC and Vermont American plants facing shortages of energy supplies to powers their operations. “’I think we will survive the winter,’ (IRC Boone Plant Spokesman) Lee Probst said. ‘But a severe winter would make things critical.”

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