The Week of September 9th, 2012.

“’The Brightest Spot In Town’ –GOOD FOOD – COURTEOUS SERVICE – REASONABLE PRICES – Sunday Dinners – Open Seven Days a Week – Watt Gragg, Owner and Operator,” reads an advertisement for the Skyline Restaurant appearing in the 1949 program for the “Echoes of the Blue Ridge” historical drama. Watt Gragg also served as Boone Mayor, U.S. Marshall, and officer of the Watauga Building and Loan Association.

September 14, 1911

“Buddhism In America,” an article reproduced in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat from the Wilkesboro Chronicle, opened with the statement that, “Dr. Pressly sic) Barrett, who some year or so ago called attention to the alarming spread of heathen religions in America, has again sounded a warning about Buddhism specifically.” The Wilkesboro Chronicle newspaper, which in turn described itself as “indebted to the Charlotte Chronicle for the principle part of the information upon which this article is written,” declaimed that, “(w)hile we are spending large sums sending Missionaries to China, Japan and other Pagan (sic) countries, the heathen are sending missionaries to America and are making rapid progress in establishing their heathen religions. Especially is this (the) case with the Buddhists along the Pacific coast. Recently a $100,000 temple in San Francisco was dedicated to the Hindoo (sic) religion and now comes the announcement that right recently three native born and raised Americans have been ordained to the priesthood of Buddhism.” The article’s author alleged that, “(i)t is not so glorious a prospect for the welfare of our country when heathenism can so easily and to such an extead (sic) establish itself in our christian (sic) land.” Freedom of religion as a foundational principle of the Republic was not mentioned in the feature.

September 10, 1942

“Watauga Cabbage Surplus A Problem; Aid of Federal Government Is Given” related a headline in this week’s newspaper. “County Agent Harry M. Hamilton and other agricultural leaders in this area are making strong efforts to assist the cabbage growers of this and adjacent counties in disposing of their huge 1942 crop, which is moving slowly due to lack of transportation facilities and other causes.” The newspaper reported that, “(s)ince a large per cent of the income of local farmers is realized from the growing of cabbage, County Agent Hamilton was quick to realize the gravity of the problem facing the growers. He appealed to the state authorities, and Mr. (Phillip W.) Clore (of the U.S. Agricultural Marketing Administration) promptly came from Washington to try to aid in working out a solution to the problem.” One possible such solution was that “the surplus cabbage may be purchased under the surplus commodities plan of the federal government.”

A brief news item entitled “Bristles” announced that,”(r)evival of interest in American hog bristles for use in brushes is reported, since manufacturers are no longer able to secure the imported bristles.”

September 7, 1961

“Fallout Shelters Are Being Urged,” according to a banner headline on this week’s front page. “The Board of County Commissioners met Friday night with Dr. R.H. Harmon, Civil Defense Director for Watauga county, and the group discussed the urgency of the world situation from the civil defense viewpoint and voiced their belief that citizens should construct fallout shelters without delay.” A statement from the commissioners was quoted in the write-up, which stated that, “(i)n view of the present emergency and the realization that the need will continue indefinitely, the Board of Commissioners and the Civil Defense Director go on record as urging all the people of Watauga county to build family fallout shelters as soon as practical.” The “emergency” situation referred to in the story was a full year prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and likely alludes to the resumption of nuclear weapons testing by the Soviet Union after a three-year moratorium, followed by a resumption of tests of nuclear bombs by the United States, as well.

Early 1900s advertisement from the Watauga Democrat newspaper of Boone, North Carolina.

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