The Week of September 2nd, 2012.

 “Elk Knob, Elevation 5555 – One of the many beautiful mountains surrounding Boone, North Carolina, elevation 3333. When you think of MOUNTAINS, think of Boone, North Carolina; When in need of HARDWARE, think of … FARMER’S HARDWARE & SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc., Boone, N.C.,” reads the caption to this photograph, used as an advertisement in the program for the 1949 “Echoes of the Blue Ridge” festival. The festival was held to celebrate Watauga County’s Centennial.

Image courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone society.

September 7, 1911

“Professional Veterinary Surgery,” read the heading of an advertisement on the front page of this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat newspaper. “I have been putting much study on the subject;  have received my diploma, and am now equipped  for the practice of Veterinary Surgery In all its branches,” began the announcement, “and am the only one in the county.” Concluded the ad, “call on or address me at Vilas, N.G.R.F.D. 1, G.H. Hayes, Veterinary Surgeon.”

“How much good may we do each other by a few friendly words, and the opportunities for them are so much more frequent than for friendly deeds. – George Eliot,” was an inspirational item included in this week’s edition.

“For Summer diarrhoea (sic) in children always give Chamberlain’s Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, and a speedy cure is certain,” promised another item of advertising. “For sale by all dealers.”

September 3, 1942

“Commerce Group to Fete Pastors,” a headline this week, introduced a news story which reported, “(t)he pastors of the various churches of the town will honor guests at a banquet meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, which will be held at the Gateway Cafe Thursday evening at 7:30, according to announcement by Mr. H. W. Wilcox, president of the organization. Each minister will receive a special invitation to be the guest of the Chamber of Commerce on this occasion, and each will be given five minutes to speak on any subject he chooses at the banquet.” According to the story, Mr. Wilcox told the newspaper that, “(t)he business people of Boone really want the ministers of our town to know that we are behind them one hundred per cent, and that we appreciate them. Without them Boone would be a poor place to live … I can’t think of one member not planning to attend this meeting and anyone else wishing to come will be welcome. All who desire to attend please call Mr. Price, Daniel Boone hotel, or Wade E. Brown.”

“Watauga Gets One New Auto For September” related that, “Watauga county has been assigned a September quota of one new automobile, according to W.H. Hofler, state OPA rationing officer. The state as a whole may receive 516 new cars for the month, the statement said.” The OPA, the U.S. Office of Price Administration (originally the Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply), was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration in April of 1941 to ration supplies and to prevent drastic price fluctuations in consumer goods prices. Items such as cars, which might be in need for defense purposes in the wake of world war, were to be reserved for those who could demonstrate that they were in special need of the rationed items.

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