The Week of August 5th, 2012.

“Appalachian music professor VIRGINIA WARY LINNEY, astride her favorite ‘horse,’” reads the caption to this photograph. Courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone society.

August 2, 1906

A news item entitled “Cigarette Smoking” in this week’s edition of the “Watauga Democrat,” which bore a byline attributing the original story to the “Lumberton Robinsonian,” related that, “(t)he Norfolk and Western railroad has issued orders prohibiting its employees from smoking cigarettes, and they will have to cut out cigarettes or hunt them another job. The Brotherhood of Engineers and Firemen, it is reported, look upon the order as an infringement of personal liberty and will oppose it for that reason.” Continued the article in an editorial reflection, “(l)et it be interference with personal liberty, if the railroad believes it is to the best interest of its business to employ teetotalers in every respect they should do so. If an employee does not cut ‘em out he is at liberty to get another job. It is our opinion that he had better be glad that someone is trying to break him of a habit he could not quit himself.” The article continued with a rumination on the debate over “whether the use of cigarettes hurts one’s health or not,” alleging that “(w)e often hear a fellow say he has smoked for years and years and don’t believe cigarettes hurts (sic) him. Perhaps before he gets finished telling you he will cough a ‘cigarette cough.’ We believe that a man can smoke cigarettes and live a long time but under as favorable circumstances he would live longer without them.” The article conclude with a lamentation that anti-alcohol Temperance forces of the day had not also targeted cigarettes, saying that “(w)e have never been able to understand the inconsistency of the temperance forces in their attacts (sic). We never hear any of our temperance societies speak out against the use of cigarettes. It is (only) the evil of whisky.”

August 2, 1934

“Held On Charge Highway Robbery,” with a subheading “Adam Hodges Jailed Last Week on Charges of Lenoir Men. Were Forced to Take Defendant for Ride. Two Others Arrested by Federal Men,” related in this weeks newspaper that, “Adam Hodges was lodged in the county jail last Wednesday on a charge of highway robbery and assault, brought by two Lenoir citizens… (a)ccording to the Sheriff’s office, the plaintiffs had driven their car into ‘Death Valley,’ a local name given to a section between the Blowing Rock road and Aho. They were accosted, it seems, by Adam Hodges and a companion, assaulted, and forced at pistol points to drive their assailants back to the highway.” According to the item, “(o)ne of the Lenoir men’s clothes were reported as torn off, and they alleged that they were told if they reported the affair they would be killed.” The victims, however, “…. henceforth proceeded upon release to Sheriff Howell, secured a warrant, and the arrest of Hodges followed.”

In the other news referred to in the headline, the same Sheriff Howell and a WilkesCountyMarshall “arrested Ralph and Hal Teague on a charge of complicity in the near-fatal scalding of a Wilkes citizen last winter when he was thrown into a vat of boiling mash at a blockade still.” One of the accused in that case “filed bond for $500,” and the other “was held for the Federal court in default of a five thousand dollar bond.”


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