The Week of June 24th, 2012.

“WATA Voice of the Horn,” the designation on a float with a coonskin-capped personage representing Daniel Boone, touts the Boone area’s oldest extant commercial radio station and the area’s historic outdoor drama in this partially-damaged photograph of unknown date. Courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone society.

 June 25, 1896

An article entitled “Blasts from the Ram’s Horn” in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat included among a series of epigrams, “When anger reigns mercy dies;” “The life speaks loudest when the tongue is dumb;” “God is just as close to us in the dark as he is in the sunshine;” and “Whoever takes one step toward the devil will have to take two.”

An item attributed to the Educational Gazette reported, “(i)n a recent examination some boys were asked to define certain words and to give a sentence that illustrated the meaning. Here are a few: Frantic is wild. I picked some frantic flowers. Athletic is strong; the vinegar was too athletic to use. Tandem, one behind the other; the boys sit tandum (sic) at school. And then some single words are funnily explained. Dust is mud with the wet squeezed out; fins are fishes’ wings; stars are the moon’s eggs; circumference is the distance around the middle of the castle.”

June 24, 1926

“Coolidge Opposes Further Tax Cuts,” a headline item with a smaller caption reading “Surplus at End of Fiscal Year May Reach $399,000,000, But Might Be Smaller Next Year,” reported this week that, “promising comfortable balances for the next two years, President Coolidge tonight warned that another tax reduction must await a new test of the revenue law.” The President had reportedly “said the treasury should end next year with a surplus of $185,000, 000 and the following fiscal year with a margin of $20,000,000,” yet cautioned that “it would be ‘unfortunate’ to promise tax reduction on the basis of these figures… ‘until we are sure that the state of our finances justifies it.’” The newspaper reported that the excess money was much more than expected, and suggested that the “correctness of the theory that reduction of tax rates economically applied will stimulate business and thereby increase taxable revenue, is being demonstrated.” The Republican Coolidge administration was known for limited federal spending and generally also for limited and lowered taxation, with some 2 million Americans paying no federal income tax during the term and only the wealthiest two percent of U.S. taxpayers paying the federal income tax during Coolidge’s term.

June 23, 1955

“Horn in (the) West Opens Saturday; Boone Central Figure” announced this week (with a sub-heading of “Show Further Advanced Than In Other Years”) that, “Big Charles Elledge, a Wilkes County native, will step into the most important role in North Carolina’s outdoor dramas when ‘Horn in the West’ opens its fourth season in Boone, Saturday night.” The feature noted that “Mr. Elledge, born and reared within sight of where Daniel Boone lived on the Yadkin River, will portray the famous frontiersman in a show that has been altered this year to make Boone the central character. The change now makes Horn in the West ‘a Daniel Boone drama.’” The year’s show was also to include “a cast of some 84 characters, singers and dancers who will portray the loves and struggles of courageous mountain people who carved freedom out of tyranny in the period around the American Revolution.”


"If Men Did the Cooking"...

A 1926 hypothetical postulation on masculine attitudes and cooking technology of the day.

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