The Week of June 3, 2012.

“First Baptist Church, Boone, N.C”, as depicted in a color postcard. The image shows the older stone sanctuary, now the chapel of the First Baptist Church complex.

Courtesy Historic Boone

June 4, 1896

A featured column on the front page of this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat bore the title “Wise Words”. Among the alleged wisdom proffered by the column: “If you admire a thing don’t examine it too closely;” “Never measure a man’s religion by the length of his face;” “The shadow of a trouble is generally blacker than the trouble itself;” “No man loves his wife just after he has received her dry goods bill;” and “Each one (of) us is hemmed in by the horizon of his own times; imagination can penetrate beyond.”

An advertisement this week asserted, “Restores Gray Hair To Natural Color,” and included this testimonial: “’More than a year ago, my hair began turning gray and falling out. Though I tried many remedies for it, nothing I used satisfied me until I tried Ayer’s Hair Vigor. After using one bottle of this preparation, my hair was restored to its natural color, and ceased falling out.’ – Mrs. Herzmann, 359 E. 68th St., New York, N.Y.”

Another item on the front page was entitled “An Astrologer’s Prediction,” which included a rumination that, “(e)ver since the first of April there has been a strange movement among the stars. They say that Grover Cleveland is a man of greater destiny than Napoleon Bonapart (sic). He is going to suddenly change his views on the financial question. He has been under the spell of a powerful hypnotist for the past few years, who has been employed by Wall street and the bankers of Europe to influence him. This powerful spell is going to be broken by a most mysterious influence, I cannot understand,” wrote the columnist. The remainder of the selection includes a string of predictions from “DE CASTRO, Astrologer,” including that, “Cuba is going to at last gain her independence in six months and Spain is going to get into a short, but lively war with the United States, on the first day of August the United States gun boats will vigorously bombard the city of Havana. Gen. Weyler will be killed in this terrific battle.” The author wrote, “(p)lease don’t put this in the waste basket for it contains the language of the stars. Don’t call the author a crank or pronounce this sensational. Tell all of your readers to save a copy of the paper containing this article and tell them to watch.” Some parts of this prediction seem to have eventually come to pass – some two years later than promised, and after the notorious Spanish General Valeriano Weyler Nicolau had resigned and been replaced by the government of Spain, in the following year of 1897.

June 3, 1926

“Commencement at the Valle Crucis Girls School” reported this week that, “(o)n Thursday afternoon exhibits of the work in sewing classes and laundry, with most tempting samples of cooking done by the girls, were shown in one of the class rooms,” prior to the graduation exercises on Thursday and Friday. “Next followed field sports – a basket ball (sic) game and a tennis match.” As part of the ceremonies, “Thursday night the program included the graduation of a pupil, Annie Brooks, of Lynchburg, Va., from the high school and the bestowal on her of the first diploma ever given by the school.” Professors B.B. Dougherty and Rankin from the Appalachian Normal School were noted as attending, with Dr. Dougherty giving the commencement address. “In the absence of Bishop Horner, who was called back to Asheville on Thursday, the Rev. J.P. Burke presented the prizes awarded for excellence in different departments, punctuality, etc.” The Episcopal Church-run school did receive again its ecclesiastical superior during the course of the week’s activities, however: “(o)n Friday, Bishop Horner returned for his annual visitation for the purpose of confirmation, which always comes at the close of the school year. The service was held in Holy Cross chapel and a class of six was confirmed.”

A 1930 ad from the “Watauga Democrat” newspaper of Boone, North Carolina

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