The Week of April 8th, 2012.

“Boone High School Band, c. 1939,” reads the caption to this photograph. Local photographer Palmer Blair is noted in an accompanying document as the second band member from the left on the front row.
Photo courtesy Historic Boone

April 11, 1907

News items in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat included the following: “North Carolina people seem to love to be swindled. A fellow recently turned up in Greensboro, who claimed he could tell fortunes. The women flocked to him and he, in order to tell their fortunes and avert pending calamities, etc., must have left in his possession money, jewelry or something of value belonging to the person whose fortune was to be freed from impending danger and calamities. Well he’s gone now and Greensboro women are out about $10,000 in jewels and money.”
Another notice read, “(a) ruling has recently been made by the postal authorities at Washington, which is this: Where a man keeps a vicious dog about the premises that endangers the carrier if he delivers the mail, such deliveries may be omitted.”
According to another brief note, “(t)he per capita of money in circulation in America at the present time is $32.33.”

April 11, 1935

“Bristol Man Caught With Over 100 Gallons Liquor,” told the headline of a front-page news article this week. “A man giving his name as Gene Dakin, hailing from Bristol, Va., and carrying 105 gallons of blockage liquar (sic) in a Ford pick-up, was captured by Policeman Gross a short distance out on the North Wilkesboro road Sunday afternoon. The capture was effected after a chase of about six miles. A companion to the driver escaped.” Concluded the story, “Dakin was fined $75 and the costs in Recorder’s Court Tuesday.”
“Snow Flurry,” announced another headline. Reported the item, “(a) considerable flurry of snow came with a sudden drop of the temperature Sunday night, and fruit trees bore full blooms covered with ice. However, it is not generally believed that any appreciable damage came, since sunshine did not accompany slowly rising temperatures. Intermittent showers continue, and farmers are unusually late with their work, few potatoes or garden crops having been planted.”

April 10, 1969

“Parking Cases Fail To Stand Up In Court Test,” proclaimed a bold headline on this edition’s front page. “The Town of Boone has lost its right to enforce parking regulations in the business district following a court battle to prosecute six people charged with failure to pay final notices for overparking,” according to the article. The body of the story related that, “Chief District Judge J. ray Braswell agreed with a brief submitted to him by attorney Stacy C. Eggers Jr. which claimed that the town had been using parking meters to gain revenue rather than to regulate parking on the street.”  The brief referenced was noted to have cited several precedents in similar situations, including a ruling handed down by the Supreme Court of North Carolina which stated that “the lawfulness of parking for lesser periods than the meter allowed rested not on the demands of public convenience and necessity, but rather on the amount of money deposited in the meter.”

In other local news, “County Planning Board Is Named” announced that the “Watauga County Board of Commissioners Monday named a seven-member Planning Board to be in charge of zoning, water and sewer planning and other matters important to the county’s future,” earlier that same week.

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