The Week of February 26th, 2012 (delayed)

“IRC Groundbreaking, 1953: ?, Watt Gragg, Alfred Adams, Glenn Andrews, Dempsey Wilcox Sr.,” reads the caption affixed to a photograph recording the inception of one of Watauga County’s longest-extant manufacturing enterprises. Courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone society.

February 24, 1910

This week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat newspaper featured an article drawn from the Charlotte Observer which ran under the title “A Foolish Measure.” According to the story, a “bill has been introduced in the legislature ofKentucky making it a misdemeanor for a candidate after election to break his campaign promises.” The proposed bill would have required candidates to “announce their position in regard to all pending bills,” and stated that “these declarations are to be filed with the clerks of the counties of the respective candidates.” The newspaper report critiques this idea for having “little real force,” claiming that, “(t)here are few politicians who could not dodge such a law,” alleging that, “(i)f they can pull the wool over their constituents’ eyes, they would have no trouble in convincing a jury that they had violated no campaign pledge.”

February 25, 1926

“Chamber of Commerce In Interesting Meeting” related in this week’s paper that, “(o)n the third Monday night of this month, being the 15th of February, there was a very interesting meeting of the Boone Chamber of Commerce at the Critcher Hotel. The program was in the charge of the State Normal (School).” Several professors from the Appalachian Normal School were reported to have addressed the assembly, including “Dr. Rankin” who “was asked to discuss the relation of the school to the town,” and “Professor (I.G.) Greer,” who “was asked to discuss the relation of the town to the county.” Dr. Rankin’s address was reported to have been “very interesting from every viewpoint,” and Dr. Greer’s talk was said to have “suggested many things that we should do, all of which should be carried out.”

News from Advent Christian Church in Boone reported this week some progress in Sunday School attendance (“The church membership is less than 80. The Sunday school attendance averaged 32 for the month of January… (o)ur goal for next Sunday is 60”), reported that the “Lutheran Sunday School attended the preaching service and everybody was delighted to have them with us at both services,” and reported on the close ties with the Christian Church in the Foscoe community. Special announcement was made that “Elder R.N. Baldwin, pastor of the church” was planning “by special request of the church at Foscoe” to present “a series of sermons combating the theory of Evolution. He has given much time and study to the arguments on both sides of this question and is prepared to present his views, which are non-sectarian, but at the same time a clear-cut defense of the Bible, to any community which may wish to avail themselves of his services,” reported the church news column.

February 28, 1957

“Farmers Plan Limestone Use” announced on this day that “(m)any farmers are ordering limestone early this year, since experience has proven that lime ordered early is delivered more nearly on time. Since the weather is a problem before seeding time, it is advisable to have lime delivered to the farm as soon as delivery trucks are able to get to the fields. 529 tons have been ordered early already and approximately 200 tons are being ordered daily.”

Another short news item reported that, “Indiaformerly inaugurated the first nuclear reactor in free Asia.”

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