The Week of November 6, 2011

“1949 – Echoes of the Blue Ridge – L.T.R. Queen Rebecca Moose, Charlie (Choochoo) Justice, John Council,” reads the caption affixed to this photograph from Watauga County’s 100th Anniversary.

November 7, 1907

“Training School for Husbands” was the heading of a column on the front page of this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat newspaper. “Why is there not a training school for prospective wives and husbands, with attendance for a certain time to be compulsory?” questioned the article’s author at the outset. “Persons are being trained for every kind of business but that of marriage – the most important of all. It is not an easy matter to live in relations. It needs to be taught; the requisite qualities need to be cultivated. And there should be an intelligence qualification. It is more necessary in marriage than in voting. Oh, that marriage might be taught so as to make it a very attractive condition. As it is, it appeals to few men and women of forethought and discretion,” opined the author, identified as “Mary E. Bryan in Uncle Remus magazine for November.” No mention was made of plans to establish an institution of the recommended course of study.

November 3, 1932

“Some Snakes!” was a bold headline in this week’s paper. “Mr. Clyde Greene, of Balm, was in town Saturday, and told The Democrat a mighty good snake story. A few weeks ago, near his home, Mr. Greene killed two large garter snakes. He hacked them asunder, and from their carcasses one hundred and twenty-six seven-inch youngsters scurried forth, very much alive. All of them were dispatched by Mr. Greene.”

In other news, entitled “Freakish Poultry,” it was relayed that “Mr. J .E. Skidmore, of Silverstone, had on exhibit in Boone Friday a couple of birds, a cross between turkey and chicken, which he had brought from his former home in Gaston County. Long necks, adorned by the usual gaudy snout and gills of His Majesty the turk, were among the characteristics of the feathered freaks and when placed on the ground, despite bodies which closely conformed to the chicken side of the family, they ambled along, one-two-three, just like a stately gobbler. Mr. Skidmore expects to further experiment with the birds.”

November 8, 1956

“Eisenhower Wins in Landslide” was the banner headline this week, with the subtitle, “Republicans Elect Slate of Watauga County Officers.” Reported the article, “President Eisenhower won a smashing second-term victory over Adlai Stevenson Tuesday, and from the start of the returns early in the evening there could be no doubt about the return of the Republican incumbent to the White House.” Relaying other election trends, the newspaper noted that, “Republicans took both Senate seats in Kentucky, one in New York, [one?] in West Virginia, while Democrats were running ahead in Senate races in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California on the basis of incomplete returns. Four a.m. predictions were that if the Democratic trend continued the party could well elect fifty members of the upper house of the Congress.”

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