The Week of October 9th, 2011

October 10, 1907

“Uncle Joe Cannon takes an optimistic view of matters and things,” reports an item in this week’s Watauga Democrat. “In a dinner talk at St. Louis the other day, when he remarked that he was old and the guests cried, ‘No,’ he continued, ‘Well, at any rate I am no longer a spring chicken. But whether I am young or old, makes no difference in my feelings and opinions. When it does the loss will not be so great. There are many young men of promise in the country. There is the President, a marvelous man, a splendid politician, and a man who has the courage of his convictions. There are lots of men as good as he. Sometimes a man through a gimlet hole imagines that he sees h’ll (sic) and damnation breaking loose, but the trouble is usually with the man at the hole,” continues the item, which bears a byline attributing the story originally to the Nashville Banner newspaper. The politician cited, a native of Guilford County, North Carolina, was a noted Republican from Illinois at this time, and was serving as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

A brief item asserted that “(t)he honeymoon is never ended until the wife stops believing her husband’s excuses for coming in late at night.”

October 12, 1939

“Prospect Bright for Produce Mart,” proclaimed a bold headline on the front page of this week’s edition. “Mr. Herman Wilcox, president of the Boone Chamber of Commerce, says considerable interest is being shown by farmers and business men alike in the establishment of a local produce market, so that products of the mountain farms could be handily disposed of at the highest market prices.” Reported the story, “(t)ruckers who visit Boone and often spend days traveling about the county in an effort to secure a load, say they could pay higher prices if the produce could be centrally assembled.” The article says that Mr. Wilson of the Chamber of Commerce reported that “(b)usiness men of the town… are interested in pushing the proposition, and tentative plans call for refrigeration facilities in connection with the market.” Additionally, it was noted that “the tobacco market might be used during summer and fall for this purpose.” Concluded the report, “Mr. Wilcox asks all interested in the proposition to contact him or some other member of the Chamber of Commerce. A meeting will be held within the next two weeks, when the matter will be more fully discussed.”

October 10, 1963

“Landowners At Head Of Watauga Planning To Form Game Preserve” noted on this date that, “(t)wenty-one landowners on the head of the Watauga River, in the Grandfather community, have banded together to organize a club known as Grandfather Accommodation Management Enterprise (GAME), with the stated purpose of organizing about 6,000 acres of the most scenic areas in western North Carolina into a game preserve, to promote the recreation of man and the conservation of wildlife.” The article listed members of the organization, beginning with the officers, “President, A.B. McLean; vice president, Denny Ensley; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. H.A. Shook.” The group had reportedly already met four times, and had “sought and obtained the assistance in the project of The Northwestern Bank, the Soil Conservation Service, and the North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development.”

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