September 18th, 2011

This black-and-white image shows the house of the Henry Blair farm, originally built in 1844. The home, which now sits across from the Boone Golf Course, was once the center of an expansive farm, consisting of over 200 acres, in Watauga County’s early days. Courtesy of Historic Boone.

September 22, 1920

A front-page article in this week’s Watauga Democrat, entitled simply “Announcement,” began: “To the Men and Women of Watauga County. As you are all aware, the women of these United States will cast their votes this year for all Officers, National, State, and Country. The undersigned (Mrs. Edna Hodges) has been named for the responsible office of Register of Deeds of Watauga County. No woman has ever held office in this county. This is the first opportunity any woman has had to prove her ability to perform such Public Service in North Carolina. The majority of the voters of  the U.S. are women. Are they entitled to hold office when competent?” The writer, Mrs. Hodges, next listed her qualifications, “I have taught schools in this State for about twenty years and am still following that honourable vocation. So far in my life I have done my best for myself and child and for those children whose education and character training have been entrusted to me, near a thousand all told.” The announcement concluded with the appeal, “I will promise that if elected you shall have no cause to be ashamed of having put a woman in office.”

An item (“Talking of Bad Roads”) reproduced from a Kentucky newspaper was apparently included due to its relevance for the Watauga area: “(a)n article appeared in a local paper this week to the effect that a certain party in the Sadieville neighborhood started to town this week with some cream, but on his arrival he had butter instead of cream, and he attributed the transformation to the bad condition of the roads.” Another apocryphal tale was cited in which “a man left Corinth in a car with three silver dollars in his pocket and when he arrived at a local garage the dollars had worn down to dimes.”

September 21, 1944

“Big Paper Drive Reaches Climax Here on Sunday; Lion’s Club, American Legion and Boy Scouts Unite in Effort to Secure Maximum Collection of Waste Paper; Collectors to Tour City Sunday,” read a headline in this week’s installment. The paper drive was described as a “mammoth paper drive for Boone and Watauga County.” In the prior week, the Boy Scouts of Blowing Rock had “collected and sold approximately two tons of paper, magazines and cardboard as their contribution.” The collection slated for Boone would raise funds for the Boone Boy Scouts, and funds raised from the wider county would be “turned back to the schools as a lunch room fund.”

“A Correction” noted on this date that, “(i)n the story last week regarding the sale of lambs in the third lamb pool, it was stated that farmers received $15.75 for blue circle lambs. It is explained that the price paid was $15.25. The error is regretted.”

In other livestock news, “Watauga Calf Sold for $950” reported that, “William M. Winkler, purebred Guernsey breeder of Boone, sold a ten-months-old registered Guernsey heifer in George Salley’s Southern sale at Columbia, S.C., on Monday, Sept. 11, for $950. Mr. Winkler bred the calf and it is believed to be the highest price that any Watauga bred animal ever sold for in a pure bred sale.” The article reports that the highest price paid at this auction (“for a cow”) was $1,775, and that “Mr. Winkler’s calf was the fifth highest selling animal in the sale.”

September 23, 1965

“Bids for Daily Mail to West Jefferson Received” relayed in this week’s newspaper that, “(b)ids for a daily mail star route from West Jefferson to Boone, and return via Todd, were received Thursday, Sept. 16, in the Atlanta office of the United States Post Office Department. Boone Postmaster Ralph Besheers said he felt most of the bidders would be fromWest Jefferson, since the star route would begin there each day.” This route was to be “a line service, speeding delivery between the two county seats.” Rather than going through a central post office “off the mountain,” a local delivery person would be responsible for making a daily circuit to delivery mail between Boone and West Jefferson, Sundays and holidays being excepted.

“Mr. and Mrs. McGuire Win Puerto Rico Trip” told on this day that “Mr. and Mrs. Julian McGuire left Wednesday on jet airline to vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas,Virgin Islands, expenses paid by Gibson Sales Corporation for outstanding service in Gibson Sales. Mr. McGuire is co-owner of Modern Appliance Company.”

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