The Week of May 22nd, 2011

The Dougherty Old Mill , Near Site Of Daniel Boone Cabin, Boone, N.C” is the caption on an antique postcard bearing this image. The mill referred to is likely that owned by the father of D.D. and B.B. Dougherty, co-founders of Appalachian State University. The site referred to is apparently the location of the Daniel Boone monument on Rivers Street, near the campus of Appalachian State University,  close by where the Dougherty home once stood (the house is now located at the site of Mystery Hill and the Appalachian Heritage Museum). Image courtesy of the archives of the Historic Boone society.

May 23, 1912 

“North Carolina is thoroughly inoculated with the good roads germ,” notes a feature in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat. “We are all agreed that we must have better roads, and the only difference of opinion is as to the best means to secure them.” The anonymous writer – very likely the editor of the Democrat – sets forth in this opinion piece, which is entitled “Good Roads and Forests,” that, “last year North Carolina authorized the expenditures of more money for good roads than any other state in the South except Texas,” and suggests that any area of the “North Carolina country that is doing nothing to improve its roads is now away behind the times and will be left out in the forward march of progress.” The author suggests that, “(t)he first effect of improved roads is to increase the value of the farmer’s timber,” due to consequent reductions in the cost of moving timber products to market areas.  Concern is also conveyed about the potential vast destruction caused by forest fires, noting that “forest fires annually destroy vast amounts of young growth and reproduction which, if protected, would produce forests of much more value than those that are now disappearing.”  This editorial, in closing, urges readers of the Watauga Democrat to, “(s)ee that your representative is actively in favor of good roads and the protection of the forests,” that the then-thriving logging industry in the Watauga County area might continue to flourish.

May 26, 1922

“Joe Muse Badly Injured in Fight with L.B. Morley – Mountain City Man Slashed by Knife in Hands of Former Prohibition Agent. Taken to Bristol Hospital. Assailant Placed Under Bond of $3,500 for Appearance at Circuit Court” was a headline in this week’s newspaper. Supplementing the extensive heading, the news item reported that the assailant was a “former United States prohibition officer and candidate for sheriff of Johnson County.” The news item says that, “(r)eports from the neighboring town are to the effect that Morley and Muse quarreled over the transfer of a piece of church property in Mountain City, and that a fist fight ensued in which the former freely used a large pocket knife.” The knife-wielding assailant was “arrested a few minutes later by Sheriff Karl Ladron,” after he had inflicted wounds which were graphically described thus: “(t)he weapon is said to have entered the forehead of Mr. Muse, slitting his hat-brim, and ranged downward, severing the cheek-bone and inflicting a wide gash in the upper lip and gums,” with other injuries reported on the victim’s back and leaving him also with “garments… badly slashed.” The alleged offender “will be tried in circuit court, which convenes on June 6th at Mountain City.” The victim of the assault, “Mr. Muse, who enjoys a wide circle of friends in Watauga, is said to be fast improving,” unlike the aspirations of Mr. Morley to be elected Johnson County Sheriff. It was reported that, “the Friday affray has nipped his political ambitions and definitely crowded his name from the Republican ticket.”

May 24, 1962

“Mr. W.R. Winkler, Boone Ford automobile dealer, has earned a deluxe air tour for he and Mrs. Winkler to Italy and France, by virtue of his outstanding performance in the ‘live it up’ dealer campaign conducted by the Ford Company in the Carolinas.” Reports the article, which was accompanied by a photograph of Mr. Winkler, the “Winklers will enjoy an all-expense luxury tour, departing from New York July 30, Cannes July 31-August 3, Rome August 3-6, with the homeward flight to take off August 6th. The holidays trip also includes a program of sightseeing and other special activities.”

“Directors Hear Ski Lodge Report” told on this day that, “(t)he Board of Directors of Blowing Rock Ski Lodge, incorporated, held a special meeting in their lodge Saturday afternoon, May 19th, at which meeting Mr. Herbert Reynolds of Winston-Salem was elected vice-president. The Board laid plans for the ensuing season after having reviewed the progress (of) the company to date.” Ends the item, “(t)he public is invited to inspect the premises during the business hours.”

“Moose Lodge Architect is Employed” relayed that, in a “meeting held in the temporary quarters of the Moose Lodge, 415 ½ West King street, Clarence P. Coffey, prominent architect of Lenoir, was hired to complete plans and specifications for the new Moose Lodge, soon to be built on Deerfield Road.” The architect was identified a member of the Lenoir Moose Lodge, and as the brother of a member of the Boone Moose Lodge, a member of the Appalachian State Teachers College faculty.

This column is prepared from the microfilm archives of the Watauga Democrat, which are available at the Watauga County Public Library in Boone.

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