The Week of May 1st, 2011

The Appalachian Theatre in Downtown Boone, as it appeared after restoration in 1950. Photo from the microfilm archives of the Watauga Democrat newspaper.

May 2, 1895

The title “A Few Scattering Thoughts by a Scatterhead” capped an article in this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat which began, “(t)his life is intensely real,” and continued this assertion by expounding, “and if a fellow don’t believe that it is, just let him get married and in a few years he will find out.” Drawing on a biblical example, the article says that, “(m)any of us are acting Jonah, because we can’t do something just big enough for all the world to see and extol us. Yes, lots of people are content to quietly wait for an opportunity to do something very great, overlooking the little things that confront them and not realizing that life with all its varied cares and duties, is made up of the ‘despised little things.’” The author encourages “God’s glory and the uplifting of humanity” as the highest goal of life, and cautions that the “person working for the praise of mortals, may get his dues, but he will soon find that his coveted prize is powerful light, vapory stuff.” The article continues with an elaboration of the idea that more have felt themselves called to the preaching ministry than have actually so been called, and urges that “every man ought to stay out the ministry if he can be satisfied.” An anonymous byline, “Globe, N.C., April 29, ‘95” closes this lengthy discourse.

“Local News” on this day included items such as the brief report “balmy weather,” and the more lengthy statement that “(w)e are glad to state that our people have been, in the main, sober and quiet this week.”

May 2,1929

“Next Week Named Clean-Up Period,” subtitled “Mayor Hodges Requests All Property Owners to Clean Up Premises and Place Rubbish Convenient for Hauling Away” was a front-page item in this week’s newspaper. Further details in the story indicated that during the mayorally-declared coming week “all property owners are requested to make their premises sightly and to collect all rubbish and plunder therefrom.” To aid the efforts, “(t)rucks will be provided and the citizens are asked to co-operate by placing the rubbish at convenient points along the streets so that it may be easily collected.” A statement from the town government indicated that, “the mayor and other town officers are anxious that all residents of this beautiful city lend a willing hand in this effort to make it more beautiful.”

“Spainhours’ Almost Ready for Opening” told that “(a)nnouncement of the opening of Spainhours’ new store in the H.W. Horton building is to be made within a few days, according to Manager R.F. McDade.” The new store was expected to be “more modern and complete than those usually found in towns twice the size of Boone.” Among the amenities of the store were to be “a thoroughly modern shoe department… under the direction of a competent shoe salesman.”

“Miles Love Arrested on Whiskey Charge” reported this week that, “Miles Love, erstwhile resident of the Beech Creek section, but lately living across the line in Tennessee, was arrested Friday night by Sheriff Farthing and Deputy H.A. Hagaman, at the home of Avery Presnell, this county, and is now held in the jail at Newland on a charge of manufacturing whiskey.” The arrested man was “also said to be wanted in Carter county, Tenn., on a charge of wife-beating.”

May 4, 1950

“Local Showhouse to Reopen: Monday Sees Opening of New Theatre; W.R. Winkler, Owner of Building, Pioneer Local Theatre Man” related in this week’s issue that the “brilliantly redecorated Appalachian Theatre,” which had recently undergone renovation, was scheduled to “welcome movie goers back to the playhouse that has long been an entertainment leader in this section.” The newly-restored building was to feature “deep, soft seats with padded backs in the downstairs auditorium, indirect lighting overhead and on the side walls for eye’s ease, complete insulation of the house and increased air conditioning (and) heating making (an) ideal ‘warm in winter, cool in summer’ indoor climate.” Also noted were a “fireproof curtain, twenty-five percent sound increase, color-wheel spotlight and public address system.” The write-up proclaims that the “elaborate up-to-date theatre with its myriad conveniences is a far cry from the bench filled theatre in the courthouse that served to stage the first movies that Mr. (theatre owner W. Ralph) Winkler first showed in Boone.” Mr. Winkler’s history in the motion picture business is Boone was elaborated through the decades, noting his activity “from the babyhood of uncertain flickers to the full growth of a vital industry.”

1938 advertisement for a dairy located in Boone. From the microfilm archives of the Watauga Democrat newspaper.

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