The Week of August 20th, 2009


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This photo, without caption or inscription, is filed in a box of the archives of the Historic Boone society along with a reprint of a 1969 newspaper article on a great flood which afflicted Boone some seventy years earlier. Perhaps this unidentified gentleman is surveying the damage of this same flood, which reportedly did considerable damage to Boone’s downtown area.

August 19, 1926

“Mayview Manor sold to Gresham for $270,100,” although carrying a bold subheading stating “sale unconfirmed,” was a feature article on the front page of this week’s edition of the Watauga Democrat. “E.B. Gresham, of Charlotte, was the purchaser of Mayview Manor, one of the biggest resort hotels in the East, for $210,100, sold at public auction at Blowing Rock Tuesday.” The unconfirmed nature of the sale at press time was because “[t]his sale is subject to the confirmation of the federal court under order of which the hotel and other property of the late Walter L. Alexander was being sold.” The total property included “the hotel and annex, the girls’ dormitory, Mayview Laundry, two large garages and some other property, considered part of the hotel.” The buyer, Mr. Gresham, was noted to have had “a string of hotels to his credit,” including such properties “in Spartanburg, Charleston, Columbia and Florence and other Southern cities.” Among other portions of the Mayview properties which had not been sold in this transaction but were being sold off separately was the “Green Park Norwood golf course” which was “bid in [sic] by L.P. Henkel of Statesville.” Says the article, “[t]his is an 18-hole course and adjoins Green Park Hotel.”

“Rainbow Trout are Now Available at Hatchery” announced that “[t]he Democrat is in receipt of a letter from J.K. Dixon, Chairman of the Department of Fisheries, to the effect that the commission will have for distribution at the Boone hatchery 70,000 rainbow fingerlings. Interesting is that the eggs from which these fish were produced were taken from the wild fish in the State of Michigan, and in the opinion of experts along this line fish produced in this way are stronger and thriftier than those taken from domesticated stock.” The feature concludes that applications for a share of the trout could be obtained at the office of the Watauga Democrat or from “J.W. Bryan, local fish warden.”

August 24, 1950

“Police Chief Called to Navy” reported during this week that “Police Chief Coy Greene, member of the Naval reserve since the war, was called last week back to the service and reported today to the Great Lakes Naval Base, as Hospital Corpsman third class, being the first of the local reservists called back, so far as has been announced.” Greene was noted as having “served the city well in the capacity of both patrolman and police Chief, and the administration regretted his resignation.”

“Baptist Association to be Held Tuesday, Wednesday, Aug. 29-30” announced that “[t]he 1950 session of the Three Forks Baptist Association will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 29 and August 30, and will be presided over by Rev. R.C. Eggers, the moderator.” The two days of meetings were scheduled to be held initially at Perkinsville Baptist Church on Tuesday, then move “across the hill to the nearby Three Forks Church” for the Wednesday session. Among the items on the agenda were an address by the moderator, committee reports, “the annual sermon by Rev. Raymond Hendrix,” election of officers, another sermon “by Rev. Bynum Trivett,” and a memorial service.

“Number Telephones in Boone Shows Increase” reported that “H.M. Inabinet, manager for the Bell Telephone Company, said that there were 757 telephones in service in Boone today, as compared with 345 at the end of 1945. There are 11 long distance circuits as compared with five years ago.”

August 18, 1977

“Few Changes Expected as Students Return to School” was the lead headline in this week’s installment of the Watauga Democrat. Among the “few changes” which were noted was “the absence of a school superintendent who has been suspended pending a court hearing on charges of misusing school credit cards and forgery and the shuffling of two principals due to another school board investigation.” Valle Crucis and Bethel schools were both rewired over the preceding summer, and “every school will have at least two classrooms refurbished with furniture and carpet.” It was also reported that “the schools will initiate Governor Hunt’s reading program this year with partial funding,” with emphasis on teaching reading being supported by “three [teaching] aides … added at Blowing Rock and five at Hardin Park,” in addition to continuation of three aide positions already hired for Parkway School. According to the article, “[t]he Watauga County School system has been putting its emphasis on reading for the past several years and according to [school board liaison officer] Mrs. [Lucille] Barnett, ‘Our teachers feel that reading is an area that needs to be stressed.'”

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